Staying motivated is the key to self-improvement

motivation fpr caregiversSo you want to be a successful business owner, but do you have it in you to become one? If you are missing the one ingredient of success, then you should stop now and continue to work for someone else. No, you don’t need a business degree from a prominent university it goes deeper than a diploma or anything tangible. The most important thing to have is: motivation. If you desire to be an entrepreneur or if you already are a business owner and you’d like to build your business, then there’s already a lot of motivation in you or else you would just settle and not yearn for bigger.  Motivation is the most powerful emotion that can take you far in life. While there are so many talented and intelligent people in the world, many lack motivation. The motivation to improve oneself, to grow, and to evolve is a must in order to achieve any goal, but if you don’t have this trait then you won’t get far in life. You will only go as far as your motivation takes you.  Many highly talented people who have all the potential in the world to achieve greatness often fail to do so because although they are not lacking in talent, they are lacking in motivation. This could be due to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or negative peer pressure. Sometimes we have toxic people around us that diminish our drive, self-belief, and drain us of our motivation entirely to the point where we undermine our own capabilities. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur or accomplish any goal it is imperative to surround yourself with people that increase your motivation. Surround yourself with people who are working to improve themselves, people who have a purpose, people who believe in being the best version of themselves. Associate with people who respect themselves because they will then respect you. Connect with people who love themselves because they will boost your self-love and not destroy it. For example, if you are trying to get motivation to lose weight then you will need a personal trainer or a friend who is lives a healthy lifestyle to keep pushing you towards accomplishing that goal. But if you just surround yourself with people who tempt you with junk food and tell you that exercise is a waste of time, then you will likely lose the motivation to continue on towards losing weight. You need to be around people that will encourage you to work towards your goal. Pear pressure whether positive or negative can greatly impact your choices in life and depending on who you associate with they will either motivate you or un-motivate you. When it comes to who you associate yourself with make sure you choose wisely. Remember the saying “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Flock with the eagles who want to soar high not with the chickens who are stuck in a coop.

Environmental factors are detrimental in your motivation and overall growth. Another reason people lose motivation is because of the distractions that are around them. Since we are living in the age of technology, technology seems to be the biggest distraction in the modern age. People lose focus and find themselves spending hours upon hours watching television, surfing the internet on their desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Social media can be a great platform to grow your business and with a great digital marketing strategy social media can greatly increase your business’s visibility and acquire new clients. Unfortunately, social media is filled with celebrity news and photos that can easily suck you into hours of scrolling at the countless photos posted which often results in wasted time.  Then there are the traditional distractions like kids, family, work, and other obligations of life. With so many environmental factors that can halt our productivity how is someone supposed to get motivated with all of these distractions around them? The best advice is to schedule time each day towards self-improvement. It doesn’t matter if you only have 30 minutes or an hour to devote towards this because it is better than nothing. You should also write down a list of things that you want to improve about yourself. Start with one improvement at a time and then work your way down the list as you accomplish them. Try not to change too many different things about yourself at the same time because you will become overwhelmed and will likely lose the motivation to continue on. That is why it is better to change one thing about yourself at a time because it will help sustain the motivation so you can see it through to the end. However, you will find as you continue to improve yourself that it will be easier for you to stay motivated towards improving yourself. Then you will be able to sustain greater self-improvement challenges than you could before. For instance, if you are determined to start your own business start prioritizing towards making your dream of being an entrepreneur a reality. Find out the local rules and regulations to having a business in your area. What would the costs be? What certifications, licenses, and tax id would you need? If you are thinking of starting your very own caregiving company, are you going to hire caregivers to work for you or will you be working as a sole proprietor? Taking the time each day to gather all the necessary information and paperwork is all part of creating a thriving business. By doing small tasks daily you are contributing to the bigger picture and that’s accomplishing your ultimate goal.

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