Improving your quality of life through meditation

meditation for nurses

More and more business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, and those in the healthcare field have incorporated meditation in their daily regime. That is because those with professions that deal with the public constantly or hold jobs that have a higher risk of stress have found the positive impact meditation has made in not only their professional life, but also their personal life, and overall health.

Meditation may seem like some religious practice that comes from ancient times and the misconception that only yogis, vegans, or hippies partake in is all false. Even though it was originally used by ancient Hindus and Buddhists, it has become a mental exercise that people use in today’s society to help themselves feel more relaxed and less stressed. Now this doesn’t mean you have to convert to Hinduism or Buddhism either. There are plenty of non-religious people that use meditation in order to benefit their own lives.

In fact, you can probably find a local group in your area that has meditation classes. Check and search your town or city for a meditation class. There might also be one in your local gym in the form of yoga, which is physical and mental meditation exercise.

So what is the power of meditation? Meditation is a way to clear your mind of all thoughts and then focus on only one positive thought. For example, let’s say you worry about a lot of different things at work and this causes you stress. What you would want to do is find a quiet place where you can be alone for about 30 minutes so you can meditate. If you are at work then you could go into your car during your lunch break and meditate there. Once you are alone and it is quiet, you need to close your eyes and think about one thought that makes you feel happy. This thought could be your wedding day, prom, first kiss, favorite vacation, or anything else you can think of. Just keep focusing on that thought while letting all other thoughts and feelings flow out of your mind and body. The longer you can sustain your meditation the better you will feel after it is all done. If you have a time limit to work with then set an alarm on your smartphone, so that you can break out of your “trance” at the necessary time.

It may take some practice but eventually you will get better at meditation. There are different methods of meditation that are out there. Some people like to chant a positive word to themselves over and over again while they meditate. Others like to use incense or create some pleasant smelling aroma in the air to help them relax more during meditation. Keep experimenting with different meditation methods until you find one that works well for you. Once you do then you will have more control over your negative emotions, which will ultimately improve the quality of your life. Life isn’t easy, nor is it ever stress or worry free, but you have the ability to keep the stress at bay rather than allow it to drown you. Stress is often the catalysts for many illnesses and as a business owner or future business owner keeping your stress levels to the minimum is necessary if you want to function at your highest level possible.

It is especially important to keep your stress levels in check if your profession requires caring for another person’s life such as a registered nurse, LPN, CNA, or caregiver. You have to have emotional and mental clarity in order to make sure another human being is properly cared for. It’s just something you can’t risk being in the healthcare industry. Making your well-being a priority isn’t being selfish, in fact it’s a must.

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