How to use creative thinking to solve difficult problems

creative thinking as a nurse

People are often faced with difficult problems that they cannot solve using common sense or traditional reasoning. Instead, a person has to use some creative thinking in order to solve these difficult problems. For example, let’s say you are a lonely bachelor trying to find the perfect woman to meet. You may have tried the traditional approach of meeting women at bars or local parties without having any luck of finding Ms. Right. This might motivate you to be more creative in finding women to meet.

A creative solution in this situation would be to meet women over the internet or at local meet up groups. The idea behind creative thinking is trying new and inventive ways of solving the difficult problems that you are faced with in life. If you keep up the same level of thinking and solve your problems, then you obviously need to change your thinking in order to see new results. Remember the definition of insanity is a person who keeps doing the same thing over and over again, and expects a different result. Creative thinkers are the opposite of this. They do something different each time and expect a different result, which would be a legitimate expectation.

Creative thinking is kind of scientific approach to decision making and solving problems. In the science world, scientists experiment all the time with creative approaches to solving the most difficult problems. There is no guarantee that their approach will give them the results they are seeking, but they know there is a better chance than using the same old scientific reasoning. So when it comes to difficult problems in people’s everyday life, the same concept applies to solving them. You figure out a way to fix the problem that you haven’t tried before. If your method ends up failing, then move on and try another approach. Keep trying new methods of solving your problem until it actually gets solved. Not only will this increase your creativity, but you will learn from the mistakes that you made as well. Then in the future your creative thinking will be more enhanced and will likely solve your difficult problems rather quickly. Even though you may not think you are a creative person, everyone is when they think outside of the box or the social norm and try things that most people often wouldn’t try to solve a particular problem.

Everyone has a creative region in their brain that will allow them to do this. You simply need to use yours.

Creativity is said to be the highest forms of intelligence because without creativity there would be no innovation and all the major inventions would never have been invented. The brain is the strongest muscle in a human’s body and just like your bicep and quads you have to train it in order to become stronger. For example, you want to stop working for your current company and start your very own business, but the specific industry that you are attracted to is filled with competition. For instance, there are so many caregivers in your specific area that are more experienced. You have a nursing degree and went back to school and took business classes, but are still fearful that your competition will drive you out of business. This is where you combine your analytical and creative thinking. The first thing you should do is research the businesses in your industry such as finding out their rates, what they specialize in, and what most of the businesses are lacking. Once you find out what the competition is lacking, that is when you put your creative mind to work. Do they do anything special for their clients’ birthdays? If not, you should make it a point to make sure your clients feel extra special on their day and invite their family or friends. Do they offer music therapy? If not, maybe you should look into that and get certified. Do they do fun things with their clients? If a person is ill or bed-bound their quality of life shouldn’t be limited to staring at four walls. Maybe one day out of the week your clients’ can paint a picture in their bed or do some craft work and by doing so you are giving them purpose and joy.

Thinking outside the box will have you stand out among your competition to the point that they no longer will be competition.

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