How to maintain your self-esteem in a tough environment

how to gain confidence in nursing

We all were raised in different home environments and whether we realize it or not our childhood has influenced our adult life. The fortunate ones were lucky enough to have been born into an environment filled with love, respect, and positive people and influences. This kind of positivity can help a person become more confident and hold a high opinion of their life in general often resulting in better life choices and opportunities.

Then there are the less fortunate ones who were forced to grow up in tough environments, poverty, broken families, abuse, lack of resources, lack of opportunities, and an environment that was filled with negativity. Those who were raised on hardships will sometimes repeat the pattern because we often imitate what we see and if the only thing you see is negativity then that is all you will know how to do.

These kinds of circumstances can drastically lower a person’s self-esteem to the point where they don’t even care about their own lives anymore. If you are in a tough environment, then you need to prevent yourself from falling into this trap. Patterns can be broken and the negative cycle doesn’t have to be repeated, but its only up to you to remove yourself from such negativity as well as change your mindset. Don’t allow yourself to be another statistic. You have to realize that you are stronger, smarter, and more capable than you think.

Regardless of the negativities around you have to look at the positives. This could be finding solace from a friend who is a good influence and trustworthy or going to a place that gives you peace of mind and comfort. If you are sad and are in need of alone time then go to your favorite comfort zone whether it be at your local book store, park, coffee shop, or sitting outside alone can help you gain a better perspective on your life.

Sometimes it helps to just get away from your environment for a short time and enjoy the beauty of nature. This can make you feel much better and even provide you with inspiration to make something better out of your situation in life. Look for any kind of positivity you can in your environment and take full advantage of it.

Low self-esteem stems from a lack of self-confidence which is the result of not having the ability to see your worth. You are no different than the successful entrepreneur who dines at five star restaurants, shops at high-end department stores, and goes on weeklong vacations.

That successful person is no different and no better than you or me, but do you know what he did differently? That successful person who enjoys life realized he was worthy for abundance, success, and happiness. The successful entrepreneur has love for himself and believes in his capabilities. He or she knows that although you can’t control the life you are born into, you can change and create the life you’ve always wanted.  Remember that self-esteem means how you value your life and self-confidence means how much you trust your abilities to do things. If you have low self-confidence then you probably don’t think you can succeed in life, which will ultimately drag down your self-esteem as a result.

So what you need to do is work on self-development in order to raise both your self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-development is simply working on yourself and being the best version of yourself and it all starts from within. Being mindful of what you eat and put into your body can result in having more energy, thus wanted to participate in physical activities resulting in a more attractive you. Once you feel good about yourself, you’ll start making better choices such as the desire to learn and gain more knowledge.

A smarter you will become a more confident you which will benefit your life on both personal and professional aspects. Once you realize you are capable and deserving you will wake up every day with newfound passion, desire, but most importantly self-love. Once you learn to love yourself your life will change for the better. There is that saying “Love conquers all”. You have the ability to conquer anything you put your mind to once you love yourself.

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