How to easily set goals and easily reach it

smart goals for caregiversWe all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives whether or not we want to verbalize them. So you want to become an independent caregiver, work for yourself, with the goal to have a successful caregiving business, but how? You work 9 sometimes 10 hour days so growing your business seems out of reach right now, right? Wrong. That is where you are completely wrong. If you want to accomplish something and make changes in your life you will find a way and make time.

However, many people tend to just keep their goals as fantasies in their head without ever actually trying to take the necessary steps towards achieving them. If you don’t want to be one of these people, then you need to take the appropriate steps in reaching your goals. For starters, make a list of your goals. This might sound a little corny, but it is actually a great way to organize yourself and what you want to achieve in your life. As you brainstorm your future and write down your goals on the list, you may discover new goals that you never thought of before. These could be goals you might have put into the back of your mind without really focusing on them. Perhaps you thought they were too unrealistic or silly. But, you should write down these goals anyway because they are doable if you simply plan out steps towards achieving them.

For example, get up an hour early every day and began the process of creating or building your very own caregiving business through micro-accomplishments. When I say “micro-accomplishments” I mean do something every morning before starting your day that is necessary to get your business running or to elevate your business to the next level. For instance, in an hour you can create a business plan, marketing plan, proposals, email potential clients, create a business ad, increase your business visibility by sharing on social media, or take an online class that will help you increase your credentials as an entrepreneur. Making the initiative every day will increase your chances of being successful. These small wins all add up and become a great win.

One of the biggest problems people have when they set goals for themselves is not doing any work towards completing them. Just like I mentioned, if you want to reap the fruits of your labor you have to put in the labor. Nobody will do the work for you and hand over the success. As wonderful as it sounds life doesn’t work that way and the days of being coddled as a child are long gone.  For example, if someone has a goal to become a millionaire, they need to actually plan on how exactly they are going to become a millionaire. If this remains a fantasy inside your head, then it will never become reality. It is very unlikely you will win the lottery or have someone pour money into your bank account. Instead, you will have to take the necessary steps towards making a lot of money.

This could mean creating a business that you are passionate about and stick with it even in the early stages when your business is seeing minimal profits. It can also mean planning to work harder and giving up your leisure time in order to get closer to your goal. The idea is to write down what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Don’t just write down goals without steps because that will only make them fantasies rather than goals. If your weekends are your days off and you choose to use those off days to go clubbing, drinking, or go to the movies, then you really should think twice about being a successful entrepreneur. The honest truth is; successful entrepreneurs work nonstop until they’ve achieved their goals. They know their time is valuable so they don’t waste it doing frivolous activities. There is that saying “Work hard now. Play hard later”.

Another important thing to remember is to set realistic goals. It may not be a good idea to set a goal for a million dollars because there is no guarantee that you can make that much money. There are some business people who work hard their whole lives and never earn that much money.

What you should do is set a goal that you have real control over such as the goal to have an increase of income, be your own boss, start a small business, quit a job you dislike, build clientele, save more money, travel more, buy a house, expand your network, or becoming the best caregiver or caregiving service in your area.

These goals are more realistic and attainable. That’s not to say you can’t be a millionaire, but if you make money the primary goal you will never have enough and never be satisfied.  If accomplishing your goal ends up bringing you wealth, then that can be considered an added bonus. Once you accomplish more attainable goals, you will become a more confident person in your life which will then give you the knowledge and experience to set larger goals and accomplish them. Big things always come from small beginnings.


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