Determination is definitely the key to success

self determination

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur or achieve anything in life for that matter you must first have the drive. I’m not talking about the mediocre type of drive that just gets your engine revved up. I’m talking about the drive so deep within yourself that once you pin pointed your destination you continue to have your feet on the gas until you get there. No storm, pothole, or detour will deter you from getting to your final destination because your determination won’t take no for an answer. If you take a wrong turn you recoup and get back on the right route. If you run out of gas you stop and get refueled.

This is the type of determination I am talking about.  If there is something in life that you want bad enough then nothing should stop you from working hard to get it. This is what it means to be self-driven and unfortunately, many people lack determination to accomplish their goals because they only have minimal drive. You can’t expect to be successful without being driven and part of being driven is having a strong work ethic and confidence in your own abilities.

If you are lacking in any of these requirements to be successful then you don’t really want to achieve success.  A person who lacks determination will never find any kind of success in life. For example, a person may want to learn a new language, but if they lack the determination to study and learn that language then they will never have the motivation to succeed at it. If a person wants to become a caregiver, but doesn’t want to partake in the proper training in order to get the required certifications then he or she just isn’t driven enough to accomplish their goals. Nothing in life comes easy if it did we would have a world full of extremely wealthy, extremely successful, and extremely accomplished people.

Determination is more than just a feeling someone has to succeed. We all may casually tell ourselves that we want succeed in life. After all, who doesn’t want to find success? But what separates the people who actually find success versus the people who don’t is their level of determination. The people who find success do not let negative influences cloud their motivation to go after what they want. Instead, they just keep trying to succeed no matter what obstacles are presented in front of them. With this kind of mindset, a person will end up succeeding because they don’t stop trying until they do.

This is the key element of why determination leads to success. It is the fact that a person does not ever give up on their goals until they actually achieve them. Those who give up are the ones who don’t find success. Don’t let this be you. Never give up! If you are faced with something hard and challenging, then you should embrace it instead of run away from it. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy, so if you only look for the easy way towards success then you will never find it. True determination is not being intimidated by what is hard in order to achieve your goals.

In addition to determination another trait you should have if you want to succeed in any venture is to have grit. Grit is similar to determination but instead of being deterred when something doesn’t work out as planned or a past business failed, a person with grit perseveres. Perseverance and determination is something the most successful entrepreneur has. Many successful entrepreneurs have had failures in the past, but they didn’t throw in the towel and give up, instead they used their failures as learning tools. The most successful person will tell you that they weren’t an overnight success and they’ll share personal stories of struggles and failures, but do you know what they had that allowed them to overcome their losses and accomplish their goals? Drive, grit, and perseverance. Just remember that winners never quit and losers never try.

There are all kinds of motivational books on the market to help you become more boost your determination, but in the end it all has to do with your own personality and mindset. You have to get to a point in your life where you are refuse to accept mediocracy, to accept failures, or to accept the negative factors in your life. Once this realization is embedded in your mind that is when your drive will go from zero to a hundred. You have to want it more than anything and do what it takes until you achieve it. You can read a dozen motivational books, read a thousand motivational quotes, and repeat positive affirmations to yourself all day, but if you aren’t physically willing to work hard for what you want in life you will never get it.

Your environment doesn’t make you and your past failures doesn’t represent who you are. Do you know how many prominent doctors and nurses that came from 3rd world countries who went against all odds and exceeded the expectations others had of them? They rose from the ashes of their environment and through determination and hard work they accomplished greatness. And yes, I say “greatness” when referring to doctors, nurses, or anyone who choose to work in the medical or healthcare fields because choosing a profession that cares for other human beings is beyond great – its selfless.

You and only you are in control of creating the life that you want. If you want to start your own healthcare business, then it’s you and only you that can make that dream come to fruition.

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